Modern violin by Romeo Franchi, Cremona, Italy, 1931.
Baroque violin (cornerless model) by Masa Inokuchi, Toronto ON, 1997.
Octave violin (W.S. Mount model) designed by Don Rickert and built by Shep Jones, Fiddarci Luthery, Helena AL, 2009.
Medievel fythele (vielle) by Christopher Allworth, Halifax NS, 1994.

Baroque bow by Daniel Latour, France, 1985 - copy of early-18th-c. anonymous French bow
Transitional (classical-era) bow by Stephen Marvin, Toronto ON, 1992 - copy of late-18th-c. anonymous French bow
Modern bow by Albert Nürnberger, Germany, ca. 1935.
Vielle (and octave-violin) bow by Richard Seraphinoff, Bloomington IN, ca. 1986.