“The Dynamic Duo” [Includes interview with Paul Halley and David Greenberg.]
By Jessica Burns
Halifax Magazine, 13 April 2011.

"Some Thoughts from a Switch-hitter: Baroque/Modern/Cape Breton Violin and Bow Talk"
by David Greenberg
Silver Apple News, November 2000.

A Musical Traditions article about Cape Breton fiddler Willie Kennedy contains the following transcriptions by David Greenberg and Kate Dunlay:
King George IVth Strathspey by Captain Daniel Menzies as played by Willie Kennedy
The King's Reel as played by Willie Kennedy

"Fiddle Tunes and Early Music"
by David Greenberg
Early Music America Volume 8 Number 3, Fall 2002, pages 32-39.

"Baroque Violinist and Cape Breton Fiddler David Greenberg"
by Paul Cranford
Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2001/2002.